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Paintless Dent Removal Gallery
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PDR repair on a minor dent.
Hail damage repair on a car hood (click to enlarge).
This is what happens when a hail-damaged roof is repaired by a body shop! The metal sheeting is cut off completely, and the replacement is welded onto the remaining edges. It's very invasive, and much more expensive than PDR repair. There will also be a considerable amount of painting necessary, both for the new metal on the roof and upper molding around the door, which has already been sanded down. (Click to enlarge.)
Bear Attack! The top two pictures are of the damage down to a Ford F150 Flareside truck when a bear ran into the vehicle. The door was removed in order to be repaired, as was the back-quarter flareside so that Jerry could get to the dent on the lower left bedside. The bottom two pictures show the reassembled truck in perfect condition. This type of repair is not cheap--approximately $1200--but certainly cheaper than taking it to a bodyshop.
Stuart strikes a pose in front of the Neuschwanstein Castle in Fossen Germany. Jerry and Stuart spent a fair amount of time in and around Stuttgart, Germany, repairing primarily BMW and Mercedes Benz cars damaged in a hail storm in 2004. In this particular case, they worked for a company called Hagelschaden-Zentrum ("Hail Damage Central"), but Jerry has also worked directly for the BMW company in Munich and Japan. The other picture is of a hail-damaged van they worked on while there. (Click to enlarge.)


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